Easily install Dropbox, Skype, and Google Music Manager in openSUSE 12.2

Quite frankly, the instructions we can usually find on how to install +Skype, +Dropbox, and Google Music Manager tends to be obfuscated and unusually complicated. No clue why this is seeing as it is actually drop dead simple. The methods I show here are equally applicable to 32 bit and 64 bit openSUSE 12.2. Due to this simplicity I have decided to include all three pieces of software in one tutorial.


Skype is stupidly simple to install. Simply navigate to their website, download the RPM and install. There is not a 64 bit version, just use the 32 bit one. Our package management will resolve all the dependencies. You should not have to do any prep work at all. On my systems, the PackageKit installation works fine... that is simply select the default action to Install Package from Firefox. If however this does not work, you can simply use Zypper to do the job:

cd ./Downloads
zypper in skype-
Boom, that is it.


The easiest way to install +Dropbox  for +GNOME is to use 'Direct Install' from http://www.software.opensuse.org. Here is a nice link straight to the package. Though it says it is the Nautilus extension, it pulls in all of Dropbox as well.

Google Music Manager

Installing Google Music Manager is slightly less straightforward, but still very simple. Due to a dependency issue we will have to use Zypper to install it. Simply follow this link to find and download the appropriate package for your system. Save the file, do not use the PackageKit installer. Now open up a terminal and do the following.

cd ./Downloads
sudo zypper in google-musicmanager*
 Zypper will complain about supposedly missing a dependency. It is not actually missing and will work anyway. Choose option 2, ignoring the problem and installing anyway:

Problem: nothing provides qtwebkit needed by google-musicmanager-beta-
 Solution 1: do not install google-musicmanager-beta-
 Solution 2: break google-musicmanager-beta- by ignoring some of its dependencies

Choose from above solutions by number or cancel [1/2/c] (c):


  1. Google's Music Manager is not available to my country.
    DropBox works fine with KDE too, please don't set us KDE users aside. =)

  2. Let's try with a 64 bit distribution. :-P

    Where are the 64bits RPM's for these apps? cof, cof, cof...

  3. Google's Music Manager worked fine for me. To get around the the not available in your country simply use unblock-us. Yes, it is a paid services but it helps me so much I don't mind paying for it (no this is not a paid plug for their service, but it has seriously made my life cheaper buying US subscriptions and what not.)

  4. Thanks. Is there a way to integrate skype into Gnome's top panel?

  5. If you don't mind, I'd like to share how to effectively install these types of software. They can easily be installed with their standalone software. It's much faster because it doesn't need an internet connection. However, if you do have a fast internet connection, I think both will be matched equally.

  6. Awesome! Just installed the Google Music Manager. Thanks a lot.


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