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Review of Fluendo Codec Pack and DVD Player in openSUSE with Gnome

+Fluendo  aims at improving the global multimedia experience in the Free Software world by funding, developing and maintaining the +GStreamer  media framework and providing a wide range of commercial and free products on top of it.

For this test I did a clean install of +openSUSE  12.2 with the +GNOME  3 environment. I endeavored where possible to only use the multimedia applications included as part of our Gnome 3 pattern. So for most things I've used either Totem or +Banshee  which both use the GStreamer framework, which is what the Fluendo Codec pack is for, and what their DVD Player is based on.

The Fluendo codec pack promises superior playback capability with hardware acceleration. It certainly delivers an overall better multimedia experience. As I mentioned I have endeavored to keep a minimal install. Typically I have found Banshee to be glitchy and unpredictable. Though I knew Banshee was a darling media player for many, I hadn't the least idea why. However, after insta…