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A new idea for the openSUSE 'app store' that simplifies and builds on the basis of our existing technologies.

For a long time now there has been a great deal of buzz about potentially having a fully featured app store on +openSUSE . Whether it was Bretzn or porting the +Ubuntu Software Center, we certainly would like to have a more informative GUI for discovering and installing software. At present we do in fact have a halfway solution in our interface with it's direct install (formerly 'one-click') which is awesome, and certainly is one thing that makes my job easier when I bring new users from Windows.

However, there are a number of areas where this interface falls short. The most glaring can be that often the applications lack a description or have one so short as to be nearly useless. Another significant point is the lack of user reviews. Reviews help flesh out things that may be missed in a description, as well as provide tips at a glance on what the new user should expect. I believe reviews would be reasonably easy to implement in the current domain, a…