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Microsoft may bring Office to Linux in 2014

+Michael Larabel from +Phoronix brings odd tidings to the Linux world from last years +FOSDEM . In 2013 +Microsoft delivered on their announced plan to bring their Office suite to the +Linux based +Android platform. Mr. Larabel has said that his source indicates that Microsoft is taking a serious look at bringing Office to Linux, and has a full native port (not delivered via a WINE wrapper or some such means) in an unknown degree of completion that they have already in development internally. Now that 2014 is in swing, will we actually see this rumor come true? Frankly, if it were a less reputable source I wouldn't bother with this article.

How likely is it? I think considering that they have already made a version for Android, that means at the least that much of the development effort is already spent since Android runs on the Linux kernel. Also, as I understand it Android and its apps are mostly Java simply running via a mobile optimized runtime. Java in case you are not aware …